Sometimes medical problems from ancestors can be hereditary and it might be important to know some of this information.


Listed below are the only ones that I have this information for.


Margaret Jane Wilson appendicitis
Horace "Babe" Wilson pneumonia, congestive heart failure
Lucinda "Cindy" Fox Wilson tuberculosis
Millie Ann Abercrombie Wilson mal-nutrition
Thaddeus J. Wilson accute gastritis, chronic alchoholism
Bessie Wilson Boggs pancreatic cancer
Frank B. Wilson heart attack
Charlie Wilson prostate cancer
Horace G. Wilson leukemia
Thomas H. "Tom" Wilson cancer
Lucy Lynn Wilson Parkinson's disease
Doris D. Wilson open skull
Edna Roberta Wilson enlarged heart, emphazima
Virginia Hazel Wilson Bostwick pserosis of liver
Willard Boggs cancer
Lloyd Boggs lung cancer
Frank Wallace Boggs colitis
Jack Worth Boggs pserosis of liver
Robert Lee "Bob" Boggs heart attack
Edith Smith Wilson allergic reaction to medicine
Vernon F. Boggs urinary tract infection/Alzheimer's
Charles V. Boggs

Creutzfeldt Jakob disease

(human form of mad cow disease) 

pronounced:  kroots-felt - yah-kub 

(very rare)

Clint Wilson Pneumonia - he had colon cancer
Linda Ann Wilson massive heart attack