This page is not meant to offend anyone.  If it does, let me know and I will remove it. 

I came across these records in the Fannin County Courthouse while searching for other things and I found them amusing.  I hope you do, too.

As most of you know, back in the early to mid 1900's there were some "moonshiners" in our family.  Moonshining was a big part of southern appalachian history and a way of life for many back then.  It was a way to make money to support many families, but every now and then someone was caught by the "Revenuers". 

Here are some of the court reports and fines that I found:


05/24/1927 Boon Wilson Making whiskey.  Court postponed. Plea 5/28/1927
05/24/1927 Boon W. Misdemeanor.  Pleaded to transporting same whiskey.
05/20/1924 J.H. Wilson Possessing liquor.  Plea
05/24/1927 Reed D. Wilson Misdemeanor. Plea.  Hold
05/27/1927 Reed E. Wilson Possession liquor.  Plea
05/27/1927 Boon wilson Possession whiskey
10/25/1927 Boon Wilson Making whiskey
05/29/1924 Boon Wilson Misdemeanor

Boon Wilson

Pink Abercrombie

Woodrow Wilson

Misdemeanor.  Making whiskey. 

Boon Forrester no show.

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the document regarding this. 

10/16/1928 Tom Wilson Misdemeanor

Charlie Wilson and

Charlie Porter

Making whiskey
04/18/1930 Tom Wilson Possessing whiskey
04/15/1931 Frank Wilson Liquor bill
04/12/1933 Horace Wilson Misdemeanor
08/12/1931 Horace Wilson Drunkness.  Pleas guilty.  $25.00 or 3 months
12/15/1931 Boon Wilson

Liquor bill.  Plea.  Carried to Aug. term 1932. 

Carried to Dec. 1932.  Completed 12/14/1932. 

$75.00 or 6 months.

04/12/1933 Horace Wilson

Shooting at another.  Plea guilty.  Treated as

misdemeanor.  6 months

  Tom Wilson Public Drunkness.  Fine $30.00


04/1951 Reed D. Wilson Driving under influence.  Possession 6 pints whiskey
08/29/1952 Thomas Wilson Possessing.  Fine $35.00
01/16/1953 Boon Wilson Drunkness.  $33.00 fine
04/27/1954 Reed Wilson Possessing.  Verdict not guilty
02/04/1955 Boon Wilson Drunkness.  $33.00 fine
04/20/1955 Horace Wilson Drunkness.  $33.00 fine
08/10/1956 Roy Wilson Drunkness.  $33.00 fine
10/30/1957 Robert Wilson Possessing.  $30.00 fine