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These are stories that I wrote down a few years ago after hearing them from the people mentioned. 



Horace Greely "Babe" and Lucinda "Cindy Wilson actually had 6 children, but only 4 lived.  This was found in one of the Fannin Co. census records.  There is no other information than that about the children, so it's hard to know if they were stillborn or died when they were babies.



Clarice Carroll, daughter of Margaret Wilson (Johnson' daughter) said that her mother, Margaret, told her that the Wilson' were English immigrants and first settled in Virginia.

(This goes right along with the information that I've found)



I visited Jessie one day a few years ago at her home.  She gave me a lot of family names and dates.  She also told me a story about losing her first born.  

Jessie was pregnant.  She mentioned how hard people used to have to work for what they had.  They usually raised everything they ate.  One day Horace had the old mule hooked up to it's harnesses getting him ready to work.  Horace had to walk away from the mule to do something, so he asked Jessie to hold it.  She did.  While she was holding the bridle, but all of a sudden a dog and pig came tearing around the house and right past Jessie and mule.  The mule was spooked and began to run.  Jessie tried to hang on to the ol' mule, but it dragged her a little ways.  Finally she had to turn loose and when she did, she fell right on her belly.  She told me she landed on a wooden "stob" and she landed hard.

Not too long after that the baby was born.  It was a little girl and they named her Doris.  She was born at home, of course, since most babies were back then, but she said they never let her see the baby.  They told her the top of it's head wasn't formed right .  Jessie said, "they told me it looked like liver."  (maybe the condition is what they call an open skull??).  They kept her head covered in bandages, but little Doris only lived for 2 days.

Jessie said she always thought the reason it was born that way was from the terrible fall she took with the mule. 


Johnson's son, John S. Wilson, told this story to my dad, Vernon. 

It was during the Civil War.  One day an abandoned soldier came running into Johnson's yard.  He said the soldiers were after him and he needed a place to hide.  They took him into the house and in just a few minutes, the soldiers came riding up.  They asked if anyone had seen the deserter.  They dismounted and stormed into the house to look for him.  They found him under a bed and dragged him outside.  Right then and there they hung him from a tree.

Uncle John was only about 9 or 10 when this happened, but he remembered it very well.