About This Website

In this website you will see the migration pattern for the Johnson Wilson family that came to Fannin County and settled here.  Many are still living in Fannin County, GA and the surrounding counties in Georgia, North Carolina and Tennessee.

You will be able to see a quick overview of your past Grandmothers and Grandfathers, what their names were, when they were born and where they lived.

You will also learn about many of the different sur-names that married into the family through the years.  Some of our Wilsons were famous in early American history and also local history.

You will see a tab on the menu that says, Johnson Wilson.  I will begin with him and bring you to date.  I will create other tabs that will take you from Johnson all the way back to abt. 1600 to the first of our Wilson's that was born in England.

Please be patient with me.  I have a lot of information to put in here, so it might take me a little while.

THANK YOU FOR VISITING and please don't forget to sign our GUESTBOOK!!

There is also a FORUM where you can ask questions or post more family information. 



I would like to dedicate this sight in the memory of my grandmother, Bessie Wison Boggs, my grandfather, "Bass" Boggs and my parents, Vernon Floyd Boggs and Edna Larrimore Boggs.  I have so many fond and special memories of each of them and loved them very much. I will never forget what they meant to me.